Charge Budokan

Budokan Anmeldung 2018.pdf


Whoever would get to like martial arts (again) could drop in to the training on Tuesday and Friday at 7.00 pm either to watch or to join in the training (T-Shirt and tracksuit trousers are needed).

A beginners course for children is not offered at the moment.


September 2018

Congratulations to all recent Dan graduates. After years of hard training they've achieved this personal success.

Gregor Thiel 3. Dan, Barbara Arendt 2. Dan, Michael Keyser 3. Dan, Andre Spengler 1. Dan, Angelika Weihrich 1. Dan, Birgit Spengler 1. Dan, Uwe Blocher 1. Dan, Mathias Arendt 1.Dan, Dirk Langer 1. Dan 


Examiners: Jörg Rippert 5. Dan, Norbert Hofer 4. Dan