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Hwal Moo Do


The historical development of Korean martial arts and by association the genesis of Hwal Moo Do began more than 2,000 years ago. Hwal Moo Do is a self-defense martial art, in which the natural interaction of body and mind are in the foreground and which belongs to the most effective martial arts systems worldwide. The charm of Hwal Moo Do lies in the large number of techniques and the range of variation.

Hwal Moo Do offers a large repertoire of techniques composing kicks, punches, blows, levers, throws, soft or hard block techniques, nerve and muscle attacks as well as weapons training. It is a self-defence system, which according to some Korean masters comprises more than 4,000 techniques.

To accomplish the relatively easy to learn but very effective Hwal Moo Do techniques does not require superhuman powers. Rather, in defence or attack the weak points of the human body are used in an economic way, and as a result, the focus in Hwal Moo Do is laid on more effective techniques, in the same way as other systems with practical applicability, and not those which are acrobatic or beautiful to see.

Hwal Moo Do’s claim is to teach the way of harmony of the individual with the universe. An attack is not countered with brute force, but rather the power of the enemy’s attack will be deflected on a circular path with special Hwal Moo Do techniques and will be neutralized with a counter technique such as a lever or throw technique. Another characteristic of Hwal Moo Do, besides specific stroke techniques, is the energetic kick typical for all Korean martial art systems.

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