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Budokan Bad Homburg e.V.

Whoever has practiced martial arts for more than 50 years, of course, naturally has a story to tell. Luckily there are some hunter-gatherers within the ranks of the Budokan, who have saved and preserved extensive material from these eventful years for the present and future. We want to pass the most interesting of them on to you in the form of small anecdotes. The history part of our Internet presence will soon be available in book form. The first part, which deals directly with the foundation phase, is now finished and is obtainable for a small fee. Those who are interested should contact Ferdi Ernst. (Ferdi.ernst (at)

Elvis Presly
(*08.Jan.1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi;   +16.Aug.1977 in Memphis, Tennessee)


Welcome to the homepage of the Budokan Bad Homburg! 

We are pleased that you want to know more about our club. If you are interested in factual information about martial arts - particularly in Karate or Hwal Moo Do, you will find what you are looking for here. On the following pages you will find a number of interesting topics.

If you would like to learn one of these martial arts, just have a look at the training times given, or take part in a (non-binding) training session.

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